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Proven Documented History of Success

Howard Strassler, D.M.D., FADM and Carolyn Brown, D.D.S. " Periodontal Splinting with a Thin High-Modulus Polyethylene Ribbon," Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry, Vol. 22, No. 8 (August 2001): pages 696-708.

"In a long-term clinical evaluation of splinting using the original Ribbond® Reinforcement Ribbon, this author found that over a period of 42 to 84 months, fiber-reinforced composite resins are highly successful. Cases evaluated included periodontal splints, bridges with composite resin pontics and natural tooth pontics, and orthodontic retention.

Of the 11 patients being followed, none have exhibited debonding or recurrent caries. Of those cases with only continuous tooth splinting or orthodontic retention none of the periodontal splints or orthodontic retention has fractured.

Only 2 pontics of 9 natural tooth pontics or composite resin pontics fractured during the study and although the fracture of the composite resin was apparent, the pontic did not separate from the abutment tooth. The ribbon held in place. "