About Us

About Us

I invented Ribbond bondable reinforcement to prevent costly fracture failures in resins. I wanted a strong and durable reinforcement that was bondable, easy to adapt and provided predictable long-term clinical results. As a general dentist practicing in Seattle, I had access to technological experts in the area of fiber laminate reinforcements who worked in fields of aerospace, sports equipment and more. With their help, I was able bring this proven technology to dentistry.

I introduced Ribbond to the market in 1991 and since then I have been honored to work with dentists, researchers, teachers and other dental manufactures to develop and expand this new and promising dental technology. Recognized as the fiber reinforcement of choice among independent evaluators and respected educators, Ribbond has proven itself as invaluable material for the dentist entering the new millennia.

I no longer practice dentistry but I’m happy to play a role in this exciting profession. I’m passionate about this field and welcome the opportunity to learn from your experience.

This website provides a good overview of Ribbond. For further information including a manageability sample, please give us a call.

David Rudo DDS

David N. Rudo, D.D.S.