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Ribbond Users' Cases

These are clinical cases submitted by dentists using Ribbond products in their practice. They may show steps and techniques that do not follow the Ribbond instructions for specific applications. They are not to be used in place of the instructions that are included with the Ribbond kit.

Periodontal Splint

This case involves a tooth in extreme labial version. To insure retention, the lingual splint was woven through the preps in the proximals and across the labial in a groove. The Ribbond “disappeared” under a thin covering of composite.

This case from Dr. Jeff Everitt shows maxillary teeth splinted from the labial where there are very large embrasure spaces. Pictures are pre-op, splint prep into enamel, and final after bonding over the Ribbond.

For this case, the clinician Dr. Arthur R. Volker states: "We have found that since adding Ribbond to our protocol, these temporary restorations are no longer quite so temporary. We have patients who are wearing these "temporaries" as permanent restorations, and are very pleased. That never would have happened without Ribbond."

Anterior Provisional Bridge

This television segment shows how for patient after patient after patient, Dr. Silverberg has given so many homeless another shot at everything. “Using this material called Ribbond, which is a bonded fiber, I said 'let me see if I could use that material," she said. "And it just came out fantastically and I went and starting doing two teeth and three teeth and four teeth.”

This case from Dr. Eric Carlson shows a transtional anterior provisional bridge for a young patient waiting for an implant.

This case by Dr. Zain Turner shows a very nice direct composite build up over a Ribbond framework.

This case courtesy of Dr. Merkouriadis Apostolos shows a lower anterior natural tooth pontic used with a Ribbond bridge framework.

This case by Dr. Enjilian shows a direct bridge supporting a crown with great sentimental value.

This case by Dr. Mark Mahn shows an anterior bridge with the Ribbond placed on the facial of the abutments.

Great Ribbond splinted bridge with 5 year follow up from Dr. Brown of Greater Curve

Composite Restorations

This case shows good example of a composite restoration with the Ribbond wrapped circumferentially within the walls of the preparation.

Crack Bridging

This case shows Ribbond being used to bridge cracks in the pulpal floor of a molar that had prior endodontic treatment. This is a good example of Ribbond being used in the construction of the “Biobase” for the onlay that will follow.

Endodontic Restoration
This case shows a post that adapts to the shape of the canals rather than machining the canals to fit the post.  It also shows the Ribbond tags extending out of the canals. These tags decrease the effect of c-factor in the pulp chamber as they form the fiber composite core. Ribbond recommends using the Ribbond placement instrument for carrying the Ribbond into the canals.

Ectodermal Dysplasia

All of these three brothers were restored on the maxilla with bonding alone which was strengthened, in many locations, with Ribbond. The twins are 12 and their older brother is 22. To quote the dentist, Dr. Alfred Roseroot, "I must say the results were reportedly life-changing. This is a great example of why modern dentistry is such a gift to All parties!"

Veterinary Dentistry
This case shows a feline mandibular fracture repair. Mid-sympheseal using Ribbond. Large fracture with at least a 3mm span. "We were able to close it manually and bond it with Ribbond into an exact boney reunion. Using wire would have never gotten this sort of approximation."  Dr. Ken Karger

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