Ribbond® Bondable Reinforcement Ribbon

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Ribbond Scissors

Ribbond fibers are woven from the same ultra-high strength polyethylene fibers used to make bullet proof vests and light-weight armor plating for military aircraft.  The fibers are so tough that most scissors will not cut them cleanly. The Ribbond Scissors are specially designed to cut these fibers without leaving stray uncut fibers.  The hardened stainless steel blades are autoclaveable.

Ribbond Placement Instrument

The Ribbond placement is designed for placing Ribbond in composite restorations and for endodontic posts and cores. It is a modified double ended gutta percha condensing instrument with V-shaped grooves cut in each end. These forked V- shaped ends engage the Ribbond fibers and prevent the tips from poking through the Ribbond weave. The tips are 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm wide. Please note that this instrument is not generally used for making periodontal splints or making bridges.



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