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Post and Core Restored Tooth after Endodontic Treatment

Ribbond Post and Core

Recommended by many well-known lecturers, the Ribbond endodontic post and core technique minimizes the chance for root fracture and has the following advantages.

  • Compared to preformed posts, there is no additional tooth removal after endodontic treatment. This maintains the natural strength of the tooth.
  • Eliminates the possibility of root perforation.
  • Because it is made when the Ribbond is in a pliable state, it conforms to the natural contours and undercuts of the canal and provides additional mechanical retention.
  • There are no stress concentrations at the tooth-post interface.
  • The Ribbond post and core is passive and highly retentive.

Furthermore, because Ribbond's translucent fibers take on the color characteristics of the composite it allows for the natural transmission of light through teeth and crowns. This provides an exceptionally esthetic result.


Other than the normal endodontic treatment, further shaping is not required to accommodate the size and shape of a preformed post. The following is a brief description of the procedure. The Ribbond instruction manual, included with a purchase, clearly describes this technique in full detail.

Prepare the canal for normal dentin bonding. Inject a dual cured moderately filled composite such as a luting composite into the canal. Use the special Ribbond post and core instrument to carry the wetted Ribbond through the luting composite in the canal to the apical end of the canal.

Apply composite to the protruding Ribbond ends and roughly form them into the shape of the core and cure. Build up the core with composite, cure it and shape it

Note: Ribbond fibers are not radio opaque.

Clean, shape, and etch the canal and prepare for composite bonding.
Using a dual-cure flowable composite, fill the canal 3/4 full. Place the fibers so that the end extend out of the canal to the height of the core.
Condensing Ribbond into canal
Build up the core around the protruding ends of Ribbond. Cure, and shape the core.
Finished core build up
The finished fiber reinforced composite build-up is especially good for anterior teeth where a porcelain or empress crown will be used.
Finished with crown
Dentistry and photos by David S. Hornbrook, D.D.S.


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