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From aerospace to tennis rackets, fiber reinforcement is a proven technology throughout high-tech industries. With the popularization of dental composites, it is natural for fiber reinforcements to become a useful material in the dental industry.

Dental fiber reinforcements must meet certain unique criteria. Ideally, a fiber reinforcement must be highly manageable so that it can be easily formed to the teeth. A fiber reinforcement should be strong, tough and resistant to cracking of the resin after continuous use. It should bond to dental resins. It should be esthetic and biocompatible.

After intense research and a bit of luck, I found a combination of fibers, bondability treatment and perhaps most importantly a weave that fits these criteria. Introduced in 1992, my product Ribbond bondable reinforcement ribbon opened the door to this new and promising dental technology. Recognized as the fiber reinforcement of choice among independent evaluators and respected educators, Ribbond has proven itself as invaluable material for the dentist entering the new millennia.

This web site provides a good overview of Ribbond. For further information including a manageability sample, please give us a call.


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